The CVL brand of light fittings is instilled with the French touch

Both of their time and timeless, CVL’s chandeliers, wall lights, flush lights, lamps, floor lights and spotlights seem to span the eras.

Maintaining control of the entire process from design to production gives CVL a unique identity.

So often a precursor, many of its light fittings having become great classics. CVL’s success is based on a great ability to harness shapes, materials and colours that will fit in and adapt harmoniously to any interior.

That is where CVL’s French Touch comes in.

The ability to listen, understand, anticipate and imagine is the foundation of CVL’s design process.

The result is a unique identity that, paradoxically, is able to adjust to any environment, be it traditional or contemporary.

But CVL’s French Touch is also visible in its manufacturing methods.

Every CVL light fitting is 100% handmade, making them particularly special. These unique pieces shine a light on the passion and the quest for excellence that drive CVL.